Grand-Place Group

Welcome to Grand-Place® Group…. Experience our singular approach to chocolate manufacturing.

Grand-Place®, “Gardener of Chocolate™”, is a unique multicultural company producing a complete range of Couverture Chocolate and Confectioner’s Coating in three locations:

Belgium : the birth place of quality chocolate 
Vietnam : an emerging player in cocoa bean production and a center of the South East Asian economic boom.
Japan: bringing a taste of new millennial modernism.

Working in a non-conventional and inclusive atmosphere, each member of the Grand-Place® Group contributes to the rapid growth of the firm with their ideas, playing an integral role in shaping the business. Every voice is heard and every idea is considered. 

Vertically integrated, Grand-Place® has a full team dedicated to overseeing the drying and fermentation of cocoa beans in Vietnam. We work hand in hand with local farmers, developing new techniques in response to local characteristics. Our Research and Development Department continues to devise new couverture recipes from single and multiple origins to meet the diverse and individual needs of our clients.