Gricha Safarian



In 1984, after graduating with a Master’s degree in Political Science from the Free University of Brussels Belgium (ULB), Gricha Safarian founded Grand-Place® Chocolate to build an enterprise in the world of chocolate.  Driven by many passions including travel, music and politics, Gricha’s entrepreneurial spirit lead him throughout the world to seek out the most interesting cocoa and chocolate ventures.

Gricha’s independent spirit allowed him to cultivate strong relationships over a 25 year period in an environment where Business to Business chocolate supply is conducted by a small group of giant corporations. Much of this success is thanks to his constant willingness to take measured risks while attempting to mitigate the potential downsides. 

Grand-Place® Group, headquartered in Belgium, is now a hybrid company with production facilities in Belgium, Vietnam and Japan as well as members from 6 different countries working hard to achieve growth on an international scale.

Gricha Safarian will continue to dedicate himself to the development of all things chocolate.  He is now living again in Vietnam and will continue to lead his group of 150 employees while pursuing new markets, businesses and products.  The physical location of Grand Place® Vietnam is well suited to capitalize on the growing economy in South East Asia and can continue to foster a spirit of entrepreneurship and expansion.