• Hinh 1985

    Creation of Grand-Place® brand by Gricha Safarian in Belgium


  • Hinh 1991

    Opening of the Grand-Place® praline Factory in Japan (Narita)


  • Hinh 1993

    First visit to Vietnam


  • Hinh 1994

    Opening of the Grand-Place® Representation Office in Vietnam


  • Hinh 1997

    Production of chocolate in Vietnam on a small scale


  • Hinh 1999

    Grand-Place® Group invests in OCG Cocoa

    Opening of the first US sales office in USA


  • Hinh 2001

    Investment in the first Grand Place® factory in Vietnam


  • Hinh 2002

    Grand Place® expands representation in Canada



  • Hinh 2007

    Opening of the second US sales office in East Coast


  • Hinh 2008

    Investment and close work with cocoa farmers in Vietnam


  • Hinh 2009

    Inauguration of the new factory in Vietnam

    Grand Place® opens Sales office in Cambodia


  • Hinh 2013

    Joint Venture with Puratos Group in Vietnam