Single Origin Vietnam Chocolate launching

Grand-Place® is proud to introduce to you today, the first locally made single origin chocolate for professionals. This is a single origin chocolate made with 100% of the best Vietnamese beans, approved by the CocoTrace© label. Grand-Place® has carefully selected the best beans to bring you the best chocolate. Our first batch Single Origin Vietnam is a limited edition that is vintage 2010.

This chocolate has a unique fruity and spicy taste, with citrus and cinnamon notes. Made into a 72% total cocoa recipe, it brings a smoothness and a well balanced bitterness in your mouth… Because of its very original and intense taste, this chocolate is ideal for making pralines, tablets and decorations.

Single Origin Vietnam is not only a very special chocolate; it is also an environmental friendly product. From the growing of cocoa to the chocolate manufacturing everything is made in Vietnam! This allows our chocolate to have a very low carbon impact on the environment.

The 2010 Edition of Grand-Place® Single Origin Vietnam is available beginning January 2011. Be the first to taste its unique flavor